Vortex's chat room has closed down, sorry for any inconvenience.

If you wish to still contact other members, you can use our forums or in-game messages.

Chat Channels

#Pokemon_Vortex: This is the main channel where you can talk about anything, Pokemon related or not. (As long as it's following the rules of the chatroom)

#Vortex_Trade: This is the channel to do all your trading in. Trading must only be done in this channel or you will be kicked/banned from the others.

#Vortex_Trivia: This channel is for the trivia game. You will be up against anyone else in the chat willing to take part in answering Pokemon related questions as quickly as possible. Scores and records are kept of the highest scorers and fastest answerers.

#Vortex_Spanish: This channel is not just for people who speak spanish but for all non-english speaking users of Vortex. Please refrain from using the other channels if you find it hard to speak English since no one will understand what you're saying. You can use #Vortex_Spanish for general chat and trading.


Asking To Be A Mod
Asking to be a mod will only make you further from receiving it... Follow the rules and be active and an admin will mod you if he/she thinks you seem fit for the position.
Posting spam in the chatroom is pointless and will not be tolerated.

Please do not repeat the same post over & over again. It floods the chatroom causing a lag for most users.
Do not flame another user, it is rude and is not needed in the chatroom. This includes racism!
You may not advertise your links in the chatroom. However if you are posting a link that is related to the domain Pokemon Vortex, you may.
Sexual & Illegal Content
Posting sexual & illegal content is not allowed whatsoever!

Any attempt to break these rules will possibly result in a ban in the chatroom depending on the severity. If you believe anything else should be added please contact a staff member.

Chat Moderators
Chat Bots

If, for any reason you have trouble connecting to the chat or want to know more about how to use it, click here for more information.

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